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We provide ambulance services from all over Spain to all European countries.

Our ambulances are of type A1.
The ambulance has always two drivers, so that the ambulance can run nonstop.

  • Ambulance 1: Two drivers and one nurse, one relative who help during the trip.
  • Ambulance 2: Two drivers and one nurse who accompanies and helps the patient.
  • Ambulance 3: Two drivers. One assistant-nurse and one nurse who accompany and help the patient.
  • Ambulance 4: Two drivers. One nurse and one doctor who accompany and help the patient.

    The prices include:
  • Journey to the patient's home address. Spain -
  • A relative who accompanies.
  • Simple food for the patient.
  • Personal Care Products.
  • Oxygen for the patient.
For information about prices.
Please contact us at:
Phone: 0034 666 169 726
Fax:0034 965 057 313

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